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The aim of orthodontic treatment

Creating a lovely smile is the number one aim of orthodontic treatment. Children who are laughed at for their 'fangs', buck teeth or any other tooth-related issue look forward to the treatment. Little by little, their shyness disappears, they flourish, find their feet and are able to laugh out loud. 

It is only in a few cases when orthodontic treatment is required in order to function correctly. In these instances, a collaboration with a dental surgeon is usually required. 


Does orthodontic treatment differ for adults and children?

There is a difference between the two. Children have a lot of growing to do. And this must be taken into account. The best moment to start an orthodontic treatment is often before a growth spurt. In certain cases, the growth of the jaw can be influenced. In adults, there is no further growth. Impacting on growth is therefore not an issue. If, however, there is a desire to improve the jaw positioning, then a dental surgeon must be involved. 

Furthermore, the adult jaw always corresponds to a certain amount of history. This history can hinder or delay orthodontic treatment. Not all objectives are achievable and compromises must usually be made.