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Privacy policy

We attach great importance to protecting your privacy. We therefore process your personal data solely in compliance with the applicable legislation. This privacy policy provides you with an easily understandable overview of what happens to your personal data in our practice. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, either via the contact form on our website or via

Which personal data and why? For the provision and management of our orthodontic care services (incl. invoicing), we collect and process patient data (name, forename, address, date of birth, gender, national registration number, telephone/mobile number, email address, medical data including diagnoses and medical, dental and/or orthodontic conditions, medication, as well as medical, dental and/or orthodontic images and scans, and the data contained herein), the data of patient confidants and representatives (name, forename, national registration number, address, telephone/mobile phone, e-mail address) and details of a patient's dentists/doctors (name, forename, NIHDI number, address, telephone/mobile phone, e-mail address). We obtain this data from you or the referring doctor/dentist.

For the functioning of our website, we also process cookies related to each website user (see our cookie policy on the website). To provide answers to your questions posed via the contact form on our website or via email, we naturally also process the necessary personal data (in particular your name, forename, email address, telephone / mobile number, postcode, the type of question and its contents).

What happens with this personal data? Your personal data is processed securely under the responsibility of Opdebeeck Orthodontics (operated by Bvba Den Anker, with its registered office at 3000 Leuven, Lei 7 and with company number 0425.030.541) and the orthodontists working in our practice. Your data is only accessible to your orthodontists (for orthodontic care and for administrative purposes) and to our employees who are obliged to observe secrecy (solely for administrative purposes, such as managing appointments and invoicing). Your data is stored only for as long as it is needed and in accordance with the applicable legal retention periods (30 years for medical data and 7 years for invoicing data).

We will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your prior informed consent, except to your treating doctor/dentist (if necessary for referral and follow-up), to your health insurance fund (if necessary for reimbursement of orthodontic services), to government services, research and government organisations (if required by law) and to our support services such as suppliers of made-to-measure orthodontic equipment, IT service providers, debt collection agencies, insurers or lawyers (where necessary to support our orthodontic care, for administrative purposes or for legal claims).

What privacy rights do you have? You have the right to inter alia consult your personal data and receive a copy thereof, to have incorrect or incomplete data (e.g. address or telephone number) corrected or supplemented, and to have your data deleted or have its further processing blocked under certain conditions. To exercise your privacy rights or to submit complaints or other questions, you can always contact us via the contact form on our website or via We will get back to you as quickly as possible. In the event of any complaints, you can also always contact the Data Protection Authority ( However, should you have any complaints, we kindly request you to always submit them to us first, so that we can look for a solution as quickly as possible.

Using "cookies"

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What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that we store on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website.
Cookies are generally used to allow websites to function more efficiently, to keep track of the actions of visitors to the website, to store login data, etc. There are different types of cookies that can be classified according to their origin, function and lifespan.
You can read more about cookies at​​.

Which cookies do we use and why?
Initially, we use “First party cookies”. These are technical cookies that are used by the website, and that are designed to make the site function more efficiently. Example: settings specified by the user during previous visits to the site or a pre-filled form with data that the user has completed during previous visits.
We also use a number of “Third party cookies”. These are technical cookies used by third parties to inform us about your browsing behaviour and technical data.

What types of cookies are there and what is their purpose?
We can divide the cookies we use into four categories:

1. Essential cookies
Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for a website to function. They ensure that basic functions such as page navigation, security and loading time can work.

2. Functional cookies
Functional cookies are cookies that keep track of your choices and preferences on a website. For example, they remember your language choice, login details or the region in which you live.

3. Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies collect information about the behaviour of website visitors and the performance of the website. Based on the results, the website can be improved and visitors will have a better user experience.

4. Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies track the browsing behaviour of visitors to the website, and are used to compile a user profile. This profile is used to personalize the browsing experience and, for example, to display personalized offers, advertisements, newsletters and the like that match your interests.

Which cookies does our site send?

PHPSESSID (session cookie)

  • Type: first party
  • Category: essential cookie
  • Lifespan: session
  • Purpose: this cookie allows communication between the web server and the browser, and temporarily stores information from your session. For example, it means that you don’t have to fill in a form again in its entirety when you reload the page or make an error.
  • __utmb (Google Tag Manager)

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: determines new sessions and visits
  • __utmc (Google Tag Manager)

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: session
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: works together with the __utmb cookie to identify new sessions by returning visitors
  • __utmt_XX (Google Tag Manager)

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 10 minutes
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to slow down the request speed and thus limit data collection from high-traffic sites.
  • __utmz (Google Tag Manager)

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 6 months
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to identify the source that directed you to our website
  • __utma (Google Tag Manager)

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 2 years
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to distinguish between unique users and sessions
  • datr, act, sb, presence, fr, wd, xs, c_user, dpr (

  • Type: third party
  • Category: marketing cookies
  • Lifespan: sessions are stored for a maximum of 2 years
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to create a user profile for displaying relevant advertisements on Facebook.

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical and functional cookies
  • Lifespan: varies from end of session to 2 years after session
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: saves user preferences and user information when visiting pages with integrated Google Maps or YouTube
  • NID, SID, APISID, 1P_Jar (

  • Type: third party
  • Category: marketing cookies
  • Lifespan: maximum 1 year
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to display customized ads on Google websites based on recent searches and previous interactions.

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical and marketing cookies
  • Lifespan: is stored for a maximum of 2 years
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to collect data for Google Analytics in order to compile an anonymous user profile and to measure whether advertisements are effective.
  • _ga (

  • Type: third party
  • Category: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 2 years after session
  • Privacy:
  • Purpose: to measure anonymously how users use the website
  • How can you disable cookies?

    You can disable cookies and delete or change the settings for cookies, however, in that case our website will no longer function optimally. Do you still want to change the cookie settings? You can use your browser’s help function to change the settings.

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