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Orthodontics in times of Corona

Dear patient,

With the lockdown over, we hope that no second wave hits us. During the lockdown, we found time for things we had lost sight of. And now we realise how important they are.

First and foremost, our thanks go to the OrthoTeam which worked day and night to reschedule appointments, provide explanations and remove uncertainties. And to get everything ready to restart orthodontic care. 

But unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to perform all treatments. We are working with triage in an attempt to see the right patients at the right time. This explains why you are often called to change the time and/or day of an appointment. 

When you come to the practice, you will notice that everything has changed. The doctors and assistants look like they have come from Mars. For our younger patients, this might come as a shock. But though we might look different, we are the same as what we always were.

We are doing everything to uphold patient safety via social distancing and strict hygiene. This requires effort not only on our part but also on yours, as explained in the email we send you to remind you of your appointment. 

We thank our patients for their help in our fight against the Covid-19 virus. 

How do we handle emergencies?

We look forward to seeing you back in our office.
And above all we wish you good health

Dr. H. Opdebeeck
Drs. F. Calburean
And our OrthoTeam