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Are there ever orthodontic emergencies?

NO. This is quite a bold statement. But we prefer to regard an orthodontic treatment as a project. The project can only succeed if the person concerned abides by three conditions: no sweets or fiddling with the devices, a perfect oral hygiene and following carefully the instructions of the orthodontist. 

The better these instructions are followed, the less likely breakages will occur (so-called emergencies). Being careful means no sweets, no toffees, no fiddling with the device and being careful when biting into crusty bread, apples and other hard foodstuff. Hard foods or vegatables can be eaten but must be cut into bite sized pieces first. 

A loose bracket or band is not an emergency, it is secured to the wire with a ligature. Call reception and say that you have a loose bracket or band so that sufficient time can be set aside for your appointment. Sometimes, the appointment will have to be moved in order to create more time. 

A loose band is almost always the result of eating sweets. It is not usually too much bother and, according to the treatment phase will be temporarily removed or repaired. 

If there are other problems, you are advised to take a photo of the issue together with a photo of your face. Send this to with a description of the problem. The orthodontist will take a look at your email. They know the best course of action and will respond to your question as quickly as possible.