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Why are there so many different opinions within the orthodontic sector?

People increasingly consult various orthodontists and/or the Internet before starting out on a treatment programme. This quest sometimes creates more confusion than clarity. In orthodontics, as well as many other disciplines, there are various ways to achieve an objective. One way is not necessarily better than another. Opinions in relation to the science of orthodontics may also differ. Furthermore, science is always on the move and the assumptions from yesterday may not apply today. We now know that we have to take a life-long approach to keeping teeth straight. 

There are two pertinent questions: 'Start early or only after adult teeth have emerged?' and 'Remove teeth or not?'

And the answer is: 'Sometimes yes and sometimes no!' 

Our orthodontists aim to find a balance between the various opinions and the progress of science. The input from the patient also forms part of the treatment plan.